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ABS-CBN Executive Reacts On Kris Aquino, Nicko Falcis Controversy

ABS-CBN Executive Reacts On Kris Aquino, Nicko Falcis Controversy: Here’s the reaction of an ABS-CBN Executive to Kris Aquino, Nicko Falcis Controversy ABS-CBN EXECUTIVE – The ABS-CBN executive, Deo Endrinal, reacted to the controversy of Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis.

Kris Aquino and her former business manager Nicko Falcis’ controversy have surfaced on the internet for months now. The actress accused Falcis of allegedly stealing money from her.

The Queen of All Media blamed the 35-years-old CPA for her emotional baggage and illness. She is currently in Singapore for her tests and treatment.

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis Following a previous article, Nicko Falcis revealed Kris Aquino’s ‘bitterness’ towards her former tv network, ABS-CBN.

During the contract signing of the actress to the Star Cinema movie “I Love you Hater”, Falcis said it was ‘half-baked reunion’. He has involved a lot of people including Korina Sanchez, James Deakin, and an ABS-CBN Executive.

Abs-cbn Based on a report from Bandera Inquirer, the ABS-CBN executive expressed his dismay after the Nicko Falcis involved him in his clash with Kris Aquino.

The executive who is also Kris Aquino’s former manager Deo Endrinal revealed his current status with the Queen of All Media.

“Itong si Nicko idinamay pa ako, okay kami ni Kris,” Endrinal said.

Abs-cbn Executive deo endrinal According to the report, Kris Aquino was under the management of her close friend Boy Abunda and Deo Endrinal during her time ABS-CBN.

Endrinal stated that the Star Cinema welcomed the actress but there were some personalities who can’t attend including him.

“Star Cinema did really welcome her. But there was just some missing individuals. Yes. All her previous managers, I think. I guess all the old people that she is used to seeing”

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis 1 Based on the report, the ABS-CBN executive explained that he was busy at that time because he was about to launch a program at IWantTV. Endrinal said he would definitely go down there if he was just not busy.

“Kung nandito ako noon, bakit hindi ko siya babain? Wala ka-ming problema ni Kris. Okay kami. Pumunta siya sa wake ng mommy ko”

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