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Brian Velasco Depression Allegedly Started From This

Brian Velasco Depression Allegedly Started From This. This is the alleged start of the depression that Brian Velasco felt The depression of Razorback drummer Brian Velasco allegedly started from this particular event in his life.

Last Janaury 16, the world of social media was shocked because of a video showing a man wearing a white long-sleeved polo and sunglasses who jumped off a building.

The said man appeared to be saying a message which was hard to understand. Wind blowing from the top of the building where he was sitting caused the noise while he was live streaming.

It seemed that he is talking to someone named “Mel”, then he said “paki-alagaan na lang si Pochito”.

After that message, he said “here we go. Here I go” and the unexpected thing happened. He jumped and everyone viewing his live streaming how he did it.

Later on, it was revealed that the man who jumped from his condominium unit in Vito Cruz is Brian Velasco, the drummer of the rock band Razorback.

His fellow band members expressed grief for losing a friend. “Today we lost our brother….and our hearts are broken…..we love you and we will always miss you Bri. #rzrbk.” the Razorback stated.

In the midst of this grieving atmosphere, Brian’s girlfriend Portia Carlos has a message to the public.

We, the closest, have not seen it. I don’t ever want to see it. Not even a screenshot. Please think of that when you feel like sharing or spreading it. PLEASE DON’T BE A PARTY TO ME SEEING IT. People going to the wake, don’t mindlessly discuss how you felt about parts of it with me. I understand you hurt also but please process what you saw and how you felt about it with somebody else. Please don’t tag me in your tributes or photos with him either. I only want to see them when I’m ready to see them.” she said.

What happened to Brian Velasco? What pushed him to do that?
Based on the report published on the site of Pang-Masa, there was a point in Brian’s life that triggered his depression.

His brother affirmed that the band drummer has been suffering from depression for quite a while.

It was said that it all started when his beloved dog, Alfie, died. According to the report, no one knew from the closest people around him if there is much deeper reason.

However, one thing they did expect is that Brian Velasco would eventually end his own life.

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