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Kris Aquino refuses to insult Jesus Falcis: Justice is won on truth

Kris Aquino refuses to insult Jesus Falcis: Justice is won on truth: Although Kris Aquino is determined to seek justice for what Jesus Falcis did to her, she showed compassion by refusing to say anything bad about him.

The Queen of All Media filed a complaint on Thursday against the lawyer for violating Republic Act 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, specifically cyber libel.

Falcis’ brother Nicardo was also slapped with several complaints such as qualified theft and violation of Republic Act 8484, or the Access Devices Regulation Act. These were filed at the Prosecutor’s Office in the cities of Mandaluyong, Taguig and San Juan.

Despite what Aquino went through with Jesus, she told a netizen going by @umhanrivera that she refuses to throw insults against him. This started when the netizen said, “Turuan ng leksyon ‘yang abugadong imburnal ang bunganga! Laban Madam Queen @krisaquino! (Teach that foul-mouthed lawyer a lesson! Fight Madam Queen!)” on her Instagram page.

Replying to the netizen, Aquino said she never referred to Falcis “in a derogatory manner,” and also not only him, but also her other followers to refrain from “improper language.”

“Justice is won on truths, not through insults,” she told the netizen. “I appreciate your supportive message but I don’t want us to become like them.”

Image: Screengrab from Instagram/@krisaquino

While one netizen got support from her, another named @iamgeorgesrn criticized Aquino, saying she would just put her millions to waste. “Use all of them to sue everyone that go against you and tells the truth about you,” she said.

Aquino did not back down, telling her, “If I did not fight for the protection of my credibility, then I am complicit to the degradation of my dignity.”

Image: Screengrab from Instagram/@krisaquino

Previously, she said that her row with Nicardo, her former business partner, could have been fixed since her camp “attempted” to settle the row “six times.” Meanwhile, Falcis defended his brother and told Aquino, “You stole my brother! All because of your vindictiveness against him for leaving you.”  /ra

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