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Philippine Space Agency (Philsa) To Be Launched Soon

Philippine Space Agency (Philsa) To Be Launched Soon. The country was soon to launch its own ‘space agency’ that will be called “PhilSA” or the Philippine Space Agency similar to NASA of the United States.

Recently, the House Bill 8541 (HB 8541) or known as the “Philippine Space Development Act” has been passed at the House of the Representatives.

Albay Rep. Joey Salceda filed the bill in Congress and has been approved through the help of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

About 297 lawmakers vote in favor of the HB 8541 aiming to assign ‘Philippine Space Development and Utilization policy’ and form the Philippine Space Agency.

Salceda said that PhilSA will lead the ‘space science and technology access and applications and space research’ program including ‘remote sensing’ and gathering important data regarding disastrous calamities.

DOST’s Philippine Space Agency will facilitate the program in line with the Philippine Space Policy prioritizing the national security, hazard management, and climate studies, space research, space industry, and capacity building, space education and awareness, and international cooperation.

Philippine Space Agency

Salceda also emphasized the importance of the universal technology including satellites for better a communication system and other infrastructures necessary in this modern generation.

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