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Razorback Drummer Brian Velasco’s Life Before His Tragic End

Razorback Drummer Brian Velasco’s Life Before His Tragic End: A Glimpse of the Life of Razorback Drummer Brian Velasco Before His Tragic End RAZORBACK DRUMMER – Here is a glimpse of the life of the Razorback drummer Brian Velasco before his tragic end.

Drummer of the Filipino rock band Razorback Brian Velasco died yesterday January 16, 2019, after allegedly jumping from his condo unit in Manila.

The Razorback band started in the ’90s with original members Kevin Roy, David Aguirre, Jose Mari Cuervo, and Miguel Ortigas.

Razorback band Current member of the Filipino band are Manuel Legarda, Louie Talan, Tirso Ripoll, and Brian Velasco.

Following a previous article, Velasco said his goodbye to his friends through group chat then captured his video jumping off the condominium building.

On the Facebook page of Razorback, it confirms the death of the drummer by the post: “Today we lost our brother….and our hearts are broken…..we love you and we will always miss you Bri. #rzrbk”.

Guitarist Ripoll said something about Velasco, “Skills you can learn, but you can’t teach how to be a nice guy. You can’t teach how to be a real brother.”

Before Brian Velasco became a member of the band razorback in 1996, he played for bands such as DRT and Brain Salad.

Aside from being a musician, Velasco also took a culinary course at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Manila.

On Brian Velasco’s photos in Facebook, he seemed to have been in a relationship with Portia Carlos. It was not confirmed if they are still in a relationship during his time of death.

Velasco posted a photo with his pet dog Alfie on his FB account, it shows that he really is a pet lover. He even brought the dog to a vet for X-ray and blood test. Alfie, however, died last year.

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