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What are the Newton’s and Einstein views about gravitation?

Newton’s Theory about Gravitation

According to Newton’s, the gravity is the intrinsic property of matter that ewe*-y particle of matter attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and is inverse. Equivalent to the •square Of the distance between them. •In other words, gravitation is due to the force between masses

Einstein’s theory about Gravitation:

According to Einstein’s theory, Gravity is due to the curvature of space and time Caused by masses. To observe this, we think the area as a thin rubber sheet. If a heavyweight is hung from it, it curves as shown in the figure. In Einstein theory, we don’t speak of the force of gravity acting on bodies, but we say, that bodies and light rays move along geodesics (equivalent to the straight lines in plane geometry) in curved space-time.

Newton's and Einstein views about gravitation


Differences between views

Einstein’s theory gives a physical picture of how gravity works. Newton discovered inverse square law of gravity but do not explain why this should be so. However Einstein’s theory tells •us the reason for it (except in Strong gravitational fields), but it fully explains the reason for obeying the inverse square law. So Einstein’s theory gives us that if gravity and acceleration – are exactly’ equivalent, gravity must bend light by a definite amount that could be calculated. Newton’s theory based on the idea of light as a stream of tiny particles also suggested that light beam would be deflected by gravity. But in Einstein’s theory the deflection. Of light is twice as great as it is according to Newton’s theory.

Bending of starlight by the Sun:

When the bending of straight starlight caused by the gravity of the Sun was measured during a solar eclipse in 1919. This measurement found to match Einstein’s prediction rather than Newton. Therefore, Einstein’s theory was considered a scientific triumph.

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